Thank you and warm wishes to Mrs. Limbo

It is with such bittersweet emotions that I say goodbye to my first and last year teaching at Sturgis Community Preschool. This year has been so amazing and filled with such joy and wonder, as I’ve watched all of the kiddos learn and experience life, from learning how to sew to playing store and using their imaginations. It is a year that I will truly treasure. I have truly enjoyed loving on each and every one of my students, watching them grow and learn. What a blessing this year has been! From one great blessing to the next, I have been given the opportunity to stay at home with my four kiddos and also work part-time for my husband’s survey company and property management company. As both my preschoolers and myself start on a new journey I can’t help but quote Dr. Seuss. “Oh the places you’ll go, Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, So…get on your way!” Parents, thank you so much for entrusting your kiddos to me this past year! They all hold a very special place in my heart.



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