Our Philosophy

It is the philosophy of Sturgis Community Preschool that children be encouraged to learn and grow at their own pace by providing developmentally appropriate practices that encourage children as ask questions, to ponder, to experiment, and explore their world. Children have a natural curiosity and are active participants in the learning process.  Through exploration, play, well-designed and purposeful learning opportunities, and hands-on experiences, we support each child’s individual cognitive, physical, emotional, and social growth.

Equally important is helping each unique child develop a deep love and respect for themselves, others, and their environment. Our goal is to instill confidence, self-esteem, and value in diversity.

We are committed to cultivating partnerships with parents and our community. We believe in providing opportunities where children can express gratitude and compassion for all of our community members from our police officers and military serviceman to the our community’s eldest members.

Our philosophy, therefore, can be described in many ways: exploratory, cognitive, social and cultural, contstructivitst, integrated, all based on solid educational principles of early childhood learning from theorists such as Piaget, Dewey, Reggio, and Vygotsky.